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One cool thing about entrepreneurial unselfishness
is that no GROVELING, ASS KISSING, or SUCKING UP is involved
In an unselfish transaction, both smiles are genuine!


IDEAFARM.COM only accepts payments in cryptocurrency. Note that this web site is operated as a private for-profit sole proprietorship. No refunds will be made for any reason, so be careful when making a payment.

The easiest way to pay is to log in to steemit.com and send me SBD or STEEM. If you use steemit.com regularly, you will earn STEEM and SBD without ever having to pay anything. You can then pay me from those balances. I strongly recommend opening a free steemit.com account for everyone who uses IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle or who publishes on IDEAFARM.COM. If you do so, you can easily participate with me in conversations there, and it is the easiest way to pay.

Those without steemit.com accounts must communicate with me via email and must pay using one of the following cryptocurrencies:

BitCoin: to make a payment using BitCoin, use: 3C5P1m1cwv9zQHuJmGYKSefi6W3qhv8MHo

Etherium: to make a payment using Etherium, use: 0x164071d7d4164B1f133b5837b7b535d9554A1A57

LiteCoin: to make a payment using LiteCoin, use: MHqfg7RRNucgwQ8DxcVEV38kfiyP2bJzpf

Ripple: to make a payment using Ripple, use: rKdApjZXi7t1sv9QsggReBMfKrjKkTfaYj

Notes: If your preferred cryptocurrency is not listed, please let me know. This web site does not request donations, tips, or any other concept of voluntary payment. All prices are quoted in USD (United States Dollars). For example, the procedure for becoming an IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle user is that you just download and install and start using it. Price list: It is easy to purchase Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency using the Coinbase exchange. Payment can be made using any of the cryptocurrencies listed above.