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One cool thing about entrepreneurial unselfishness
is that no GROVELING, ASS KISSING, or SUCKING UP is involved
In an unselfish transaction, both smiles are genuine!


IDEAFARM.COM only accepts payments in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Note that this web site is operated as a private for-profit sole proprietorship. No refunds will be made for any reason, so be careful when making a payment.

This web site does not request donations, tips, or any other concept of voluntary payment. IDEAFARM.COM is operated on the principle that businesses, like individuals, should be "givers", not "takers". If you want to voluntarily do something to promote this sole proprietorship, tell others something good about it.

All prices are quoted in Bitcoin. The quoted price excludes a tiny random surcharge that is used to associate each payment with a purchase and a purchaser. Do not make any payment except in response to your receipt of an email that specifies the exact amount of Bitcoin to pay.

For example, the procedure for becoming an IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle user is that you just download and install and start using it. During the installation, you will specify an email address to be associated with each "home" installed on each computer. Once installed and configured, IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle is fully enabled and you can begin to use it immediately. But by doing so, you become obligated to pay the monthly subscription price. Once it is clear that you are successfully using IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle, you will receive an email at the beginning of each period that requests a payment. If payment is not received, each home that is unpaid will be disabled.

Price list: IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle: 0.00012 BTC per month per home.

It is easy to purchase Bitcoin using the Coinbase exchange. To do so, click the next word: coinbase If you purchase or sell $100 USD worth of Bitcoin, you and I will each receive $10 worth of free Bitcoin.

To make a payment, use the following Bitcoin address: 3C5P1m1cwv9zQHuJmGYKSefi6W3qhv8MHo