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One cool thing about entrepreneurial unselfishness
is that no GROVELING, ASS KISSING, or SUCKING UP is involved
In an unselfish transaction, both smiles are genuine!

If you do not know of any Wo'O's Table group in any nearby postal code, place yourself on the waiting list. Listing yourself will make moderators in your area aware of your interest. If there are no Wo'O's Table groups in an area where people have placed themselves on the waiting list, IdeaFarm Operations will work to bring Wo'O's Table to your area. If there are Wo'O's Table groups in your area but not nearby, moderators in your area can consider organizing a new group to serve your location. If there are groups nearby, listing yourself will enable those moderators to contact you so that you can review your choices before selecting a group. Your listing will remain active for at least one year. Place yourself on the Waiting List for $2 USD by clicking the Waiting List button below. All waiting list revenue accrues to me, the incorporator, personally, and this will continue until IdeaFarm Operations has a fully elected board of directors.